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September Art Workshops

In these Go ART! classes, students will be exploring all that our farm has to offer while learning skills of fine art.. We will be visiting the pond, the chicken coop, the hoop house, the rabbit hutch and the flower garden in order to get ideas and collect things for our works of art! Sign up for one or all eight of our fun with art and nature classes!
Please wear clothes that are not precious and bring a water bottle.
Offered by The Artist's Apprentice taught by Pamela Palmer B.F.A.
Time: 4:05 to 5:35pm   
Cost: $22 
Age 6+ (Middle school students encouraged.)

Go ART! Watercolor Painting
 Students will be trying various techniques, including salt inclusion, wax resistance, and wet on wet application while we paint landscapes with animals.
Wed., September 5

Go ART! Clayworks 
Young artists will moulding pinch pots with animal and rose lids. We will be finishing our artwork with shimmer paints.
Thurs., September 6,

Go ART! Chalk Pastel
Kids will be looking for colourful subject matter to sketch as they learning how to draw in chalk pastels.
Fri., September 7

Go ART! Printmaking with Nature
Pounded prints, using mallets, and painted prints of leaves and flowers will result in a lovely circular wreath print.
Wed., September 12 

Go ART! Lil' Bunnies Paper Mache

 Observing our newest babies on the farm, students will be making a collection of bunny out of paper pulp and plaster.
Thurs.,September 13,

Go ART! Painting in Acrylics 
There are lots of things to paint on the farm! Students will be constructing their composition, concentrating on foreground, middle and background. 
Fri., September 14,

Go ART! Mosaic Tiles 
Students will be busy constructing their own tile designed with flowers or bug motifs. A fun class your child will love!
Mon., September 17

Go ART! Animal Drawing
Our young artists will be drawing in 3 mediums, oil pastel, pen & ink, and pencil. Choose from our hens and roosters or a selection of photo references of farm animals.
Tues., September 18. 

Join Us!

Do we like volunteers? Absolutely! If you or your community group, team or organization are interested in helping at the farm please contact us !

We love the saying "If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together!" Help us go far in our mission, it's a win for all of us!